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Safety Tips For Contractors

Contractors must always take the right precautions to ensure their security on building sites. This post comprises a number of guidelines that you should follow as a contractor to ensure your security on a building site. Please be aware that this post provides some general instructions only and therefore are just recommendations from the author. For more complete safety guidelines you should consult your construction firm.


As a contractor do not be tempted to be macho. It is necessary that you anchor the very best end of your own ladder to something safe and steer clear of taking risks with old broken ladders.


As a contractor do not be scared to request additional scaffolding or refuse to work on it if you believe it is unsafe. Scaffolding is a relatively cheap process and a scarcity of it really is not really a risk worth taking. Also do not try to take shortcuts and re-arrange the scaffolding if needed.


Back injuries are one of the most frequent visit the site types of injuries experienced by builders. Back injuries are readily avoidable by using the right lifting techniques and by avoiding trying to lift heavy loads alone. Always ask somebody to help you as you do not need to be macho just because you're on the building site if the strain is too heavy. It is much better than winding up with a slipped disc.

Head Injury protection

Nevertheless on small web sites it is rare to find even a single hard hat available, not to mention a builder wearing one. Nevertheless smaller sites are no less dangerous than larger ones and thus it is surely worth making the effort. At minimum they must be available on the website so that they may be used during works where there is certainly a risk of getting a head injury.

First aid kit

All builders must have a first aid kit available on site.

Steel toecap boots

Broken or bruised toes are readily avoided by wearing toes with steel caps. Most builder merchants offer many different steel cap shoes which should be an essential element of any builders working outfit.

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